High Class Cars

High Class Cars

From the very beginning we dream of them: faster, more luxurious, more exclusive - we talk about the so-called High Class Cars. We at HCC International make your dreams come true. With our constantly changing stock of high-class cars from a wide range of manufacturers, we will be presenting exclusive vehicles that will unleash your passion.

In this section, we also offer vehicles with long delivery times, to which we have access especially to our customers. Each of the offered cars is available exclusively on request and without the usual delivery time for you.

Aston Martin

AM DB9 Coupe maron black 2013
AM DB11 Launch Edition onyx black / sahara tan 2017
AM DB11 morning frost white 2017
AM Rapide S hammerhead silver 2015
AM Rapide S skyfall silver 2015
AM Rapide S Shadow Edition solent silver 2017
AM V8 Vantage S Roadster lightning silver 2017
AM V8 Vantage S Roadster silver fox 2018
AM V8 Vanatge S china grey 2017
AM V12 Vantage S onyx black 2016
AM V12 Vantage S china grey 2017
AM Vanquish ceramic grey 2017
AM Vanquish S cumberland grey
AM DB7 GT US specification


Bentayga W12 arabica/portland 16/17
Bentayga W12 alpine green / camel 16/17
Bentayga W12 orange flame / camel 16/17
Bentayga W12 magnetic / fire glow 16/17
Bentayga W12 dragon red / porpoise 16/17
Continental GT sequin blue / beluga 2013
Continental GT convertible kingfisher / saffron 2015
Continental GT dark sapphire / saddle 2015
Continental GT beluga / beluga 2016
Continental GT black edition anthracite / beluga 2016


Veyron 08 US specification black/yellow


458 Speciale Nero Daytona 11/2013 1200 km
488 GTB Rosso Corsa/ Couio new
488 Spider red/black new
512 M 1995 red
California red/black 40.000 km, 2009 (C)
California T, Spider, MY 2016 Rosso Corsa
Enzo Rosso Corsa 1500 km
GTC4 Lusso  MY 2016 Rosso Corsa


GT white 2005


F-Pace new
XF new


Agera 2012 silver
CCXR Special One 2010 Blue


Aventador S 2017 Rot + Weiß
Diabolo VT Roadster - 1997 Limited white
Countach 25th Anniversary 1990
Huracan 2WD Giallo Midas new
Hurracan LP 610 -4 Spider Nero




Gran Tourismo 2015 Blaumet. + Gelb
Levante S new
Levante Diesel new

Rolls Royce

Jungfahrzeuge / Gebrauchtfahrzeuge

Range Rover

Evoque new
Sport new
Neufahrzeuge / Jungfahrzeuge


991 Targa
991 Turbo


540 S
570 GT
570 S
650 S
650 S Spider
675 LT
675 LT Spider
MP4 - 12C
P1 2015 orange


Lykan Hyper Sport 2015