Economy models

Economy models

At the HCC-International economy class you don’t only find selected small cars, you also find compact and middleclass models. No matter if you are searching travelling comfort or dynamic driving – in our economy class you will find a wide selection for (almost) every standart.


Sportive driving to good prices, that is what HCC International offers you in Germanys most popular car segment. Small- and Compactcars are able to be more than low-priced! No longer they are stocked with less equipment, safety or capacity than other models, but further they are goaling points with the big advantages of the smart ones: high agility and practically handling.


Our middleclass cars are building the next higher class, right after the small- and Compactcars and they are offering you space and price in harmony – a optimal price-performance ratio. If as a business- or as a familycar, the characteristic features of this cars will fit to every lifestyle.

Upper Middleclass

The upper middleclass is meanwhile mainly produced by the premiumbrands. The results are high quality and high equipments for a convincingly price. Not only because of this facts the upper middleclass has moreover the most reliable used cars in a long-term test.