Financing & Leasing

Financing & Leasing

Individual, comfortable and still flexible 

Thanks to our many years of cooperation with our house banks, we are happy to offer you individual financing, as well as leasing opportunities.

Financing or leasing vehicles offers your company higher liquidity reserves, with monthly investments remaining the same.


Financing your vehicle offers you comparable advantages to leasing. However, it also offers you scope in terms of choice of garage and modification of the vehicle.

We will of course take your current vehicle in exchange at the normal market terms. In the event of an advance financing of the vehicle, we will be happy to assume the advance paying-off of your currently running financing. In this way we can ensure that you can change your vehicle and your vehicle financing without any complications whatsoever.


The advantages of leasing in the commercial sector include:

A leasing vehicle is not included among investment assets; on the balance sheet it appears as a tax-deductible operating cost and the ability to claim back the VAT remains unaffected.

Should you want to exchange your vehicle at the end of your leasing contract, you will not have to deal with the hassle of selling the vehicle as used – returning your leasing vehicle is a possibility.

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